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The revolution will not be televised...

it will be in VR.

"Who looks outside, dreams;

who looks inside, awakes."

-- Carl Jung


Our mission is to transport you to lost worlds and yet-undreamed vistas through

the power of VR, AR and standard film.  


From lost empires to new mythologies, from female action heroes to the legends 

of herstory and history, we will take you on journeys with no limits.  


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Art reflects life, but art also influences life.  The stories we tell about women in film and media affects how we perceive women in culture.  We at 34 Circe want to affect the image of women in both film and culture in a positive and powerful way.  We want to the world to see and know that women are vigorous and active agents of action and change and we believe that film is a fantastic pathway to do that.  





Amazon Matriarchy

Genre: Documentary

Type: Episodic

The Amazons were not a myth and matriarchies existed in early Europe.


Period.  Full stop.


In fact , the secret, guilty truth of Western Civilization is that it was founded upon Matriarchy.


A network of matriarchies existed throughout Europe and at the center of their story is the realm of the women called "Amazons."

We have put together a team of archaeologists, historians and filmmakers who will do something that has never been done in world history: Find the lost Amazon capital city  of Themyscira and connect it to the Minoan matriarchy, the Lemnian 

"gynaikokratumene" and the powerful women of the Etruscans.



Code 12

Genre: Documentary

Type: Episodic

The cyclops.  The sirens.  The Goddesses. 

The Odyssey has inspired action and adventure stories for nearly 3000 years.  Yet, there are mysteries still hidden in it that haven't been solved.

What is the secret code Homer embedded in the story?

Where is the fabled Palace of Odyssesus?

From the most beautiful places in the world-- Corfu, Malta, Italy, Greece-- we will search out these mysteries and you will be there with us through the power of VR.

Come along on the journey with Odysseus and become a mythic hero of your own!


The Infinite


Genre: Sci-Fi

Type: Episodic

History, they say, is written by the victors.  

Long before the empires built by men, one known only as "The Creatrix" emerged from the vast unknown.


She brought forth Matriarchies, and under the nurturing rule of their Queens, they flourished.


When patriarchal governments discover their virtual reality worlds, a group of warrior women and queens must band together or be conquered and killed.



Genre: Documentary

Type: Episodic

Feminity is not passivity.  Women in action are not new-- Women have been in action since the dawn of time.

From Ireland to India, Paris to Peru, Japan to Germany and Dohemy to Denmark, there have been warrior women in every party of the world.  Their stories have either been buried, forgotten or simply not told.

No longer. 

We bring their tales to life and restore their stories to the world.


Native Empires

Genre: Documentary

Type: Episodic

What if I told you that there was a pyramid larger than any in Egypt buried outside of St. Louis, Missouri?

What if I told you there was a network of these mound and pyramid building civilizations all across North America and that their world is still buried beneath us?

Join us on our VR journey to a world of North American civilizations that are gone, but not forgotten.

Native Empires.


Rage of the Gods

Genre: Fantasy

Type: Episodic

The legendary Iliad and Odyssey tales and combined into one epic narrative series:  Rage of the Gods

Follow the stories of Helen and Odysseus and how they're passions and destinies drove a world to war and redemption.

Travel alongside the Gods of Olympus and how their lusts and whims batter and shape the lives of the men and women of Greece and Troy.

Heroes, heroines, monsters and magic-- The Rage of the Gods.


34 Circe Team


Sean Marlon Newcombe

Founder & Head of Creative

An alumnus of Princeton University, Mr. Newcombe was the creator and co-founder of The Artemis Women In Action Film Festival and Artemis Motion Pictures, the world’s first festival and production company to focus on and celebrate female action heroes, stuntwomen, female athletes and women warriors: 

Mr. Newcombe is an experienced 360 VR filmmaker having written, directed and stitched several 360 VR pieces including a short action film using the Yi Halo camera, a 360 VR Shakespeare piece on a six-camera hero 360 GoPro rig and an archaeological short shot with the Kodak Pixpro 360 which was shown by Kodak at their 360 exhibit at the 2018 CES Expo.  He has also curated two VR film festivals and is an award-winning writer-director for his short film Scenes from a Campaign.

Mr. Newcombe has a background in film finance and is a trained musician, Shakespearean actor and student of martial arts.


Dawn Alden

Head of Development

Dawn "Sam" Alden is an actress, director, producer and stage combat badass.  After obtaining a BA in Zoology from the University of Vermont, Ms. Alden received her MFA in Acting from the University of Pittsburgh. While at grad school, she spent her summers acting with the Three Rivers Shakespeare Festival, and co-founded their successful Young Company.


After receiving her MFA, Ms. Alden moved to Chicago, where she worked as a professional stage actress.  She performed with a number of award-winning and critically acclaimed theatre companies, including Chicago’s premiere women’s company, Footsteps Theatre, where she was a company member for five years.

Ms. Alden currently acts, directs and produces in Los Angeles where she continues her commitment to creating dramatic works which showcase the physical power and skill of women in film and theater.

Dr Stickel pix for site 1.jpg

Dr. Gary Stickel

Archaeological Advisor

Dr. Stickel received his Ph.D. in Archaeology from UCLA and has been called by the London Times who called Dr. Stickel "The Real Life Indiana Jones" (the latter is due to the fact that Dr. Stickel was the only actual Archaeologist who served as a consultant to Lucas Films for the development of the Indiana Jones character).


The Greek Government gave him the honor to conduct an excavation at the legendary birthplace of Achilles (the main hero of  the Trojan War) at a site called Achilleon. 


He has recently field researched an ancient sacred Native American site in the San Gabriel Mountains above Los Angeles called “Big Rock” where he discovered a astro-archaeological solstice site. 


Other major projects that Dr. Stickel has conducted  have included his excavation at the legendary "Lost City of the Inca" , Machu Picchu in Peru and his recent discovery of the Farpoint Site in Malibu, CA which has evidence of the first Clovis Culture site ever found directly on the West Coast of the Americas. 

Indus B.jpg

Indus Alelia

Production & Stunt Coordinator

A woman gets shot, drives a pick-up truck over a little girl, turns into a ninja, tackles a guy on fire and jumps from the sunroof of a moving car and then she bursts into flames …. That woman is Indus Alelia, a professional stunt woman.


Indus was a professional ballerina and choreographer, before she got into doing stunts for film and television. She also acts, writes, directs and produces. She resides in Seattle, Washington but also spends time in Los Angeles, California.


A few of the people Indus has stunt doubled for:

Nancy Travis, Collette Wolfe and  Gina Bellman.


Pamela Jaye Smith

Mythology & Creative Advisor

Mythologist Pamela Jaye Smith, international speaker/consultant and award-winning writer-director-producer, co-founder of the Alpha Babe Academy and Mythic Challenges, will also be consulting on the project.    

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