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34 Circe Theater

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Great performances and amazing stories--- all with the emphasis on women. Whether radio, film or VR, 34 Circe is about to introduce you to women who will show you worlds you've never seen before! 

The Spanish Tragedy

The first-ever recording of this classic Elizabethan play--- and with an all-female cast!


Artemis Action Women Theater

Return to the medium of yesteryear with radios plays from 34 Circe.  Artemis Action Women Theater if focused on stories of female heroes and warriors. Starting with "The Infinite Realm," an action series about a matriarchal world, Artemis Women In Action theater will bring you the best in female action radio plays.


Freyja All-Female Tales

Enter a world of women. Classic plays performed by an all-female cast. In the Elizabethan Theater, women weren't allowed.  We figured turnabout was fair play. 


Salmacis Gender Swap Theater

Flip the script on "traditional" gender roles and take a journey into realms where women have the last word on things. 

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